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Conceptualized while on a month long sabbatical in Hawai'i, Lava : Sea comes with two vibrantly hued interchangeable glass discs, one to wear at the pool party and the other to wear in the evening with that sexy black dress!  

Inspired by Mount Kilauea's molten river crashing into cool ocean depths in an eruption of smoke and steam, the hot lava reds and cool sea blues speak to the fiery origin of the Big Island, Hawai'i. 



lava meets sea.JPG

Digital 3D printed two part cage features a camera lens twist-off connection for quick color changes.   Glass discs measure 2” and the set comes with one in each color: Lava (red) and Sea (blue).  Select two from the Lava:Sea PICK TWO folder.  Nylon cage is hung on a 17" industrial square black rubber cord with a  silver clasp that is magnetic and strong. 

Customization available.



many colors to choose from