Functional Art Glass

and Sculptural Jewelry

Cellular - 10" diameter fused glass bowl

Cellular - 10" diameter fused glass bowl


Art glass exploring the bowl form takes on two personalities - the formal structure of stacked tiles arranged in patterns and the Unrequited Love series exploring the angst of raw emotion and medical illustration.  Cellular and Bubble are created by manipulating fusing temperature to deform tiles as they melt against each other or to capture air bubbles between.  Unrequited Love bowls begin with a liquid glass anatomical drawing, and over successive firings incorporate metal inclusions, text and additional mark making to arrive at poignant narratives. 


Brooch - ongoing series of cast resin pendants

Brooch - ongoing series of cast resin pendants


Delight with pouring molds and a fluid process of experimentation are essential to the development of jewelry lines ANGST and STRUCTURE, fabricated in cast urethane resin, iron and fused or cast glass.  Inspired by dark humor and the fetishized body; antique porcelain doll parts and medical hardware are transformed into quirky angst-ridden adornments.  My evolving studio practice also embraces rapid prototyping, which provides the means to design custom ergonomic structures in sintered nylon to support fused glass.






Watch as the newest adornment or functional art glass

lines are designed and produced. 


studio metal area.JPG


Step-by-step photos document the production process of select lines,

from cutting glass and mold making to kiln firings and finishing.