Bubble is a relative of the Cellular series, the difference being a lower temperature second fuse which leaves the tiles bumpy.  Another layer of clear glass traps air bubbles in the depressions during the fuse.   This bowl is not afraid to show its process!


Opaque sheet glass is hand cut, stacked and fused together at 1125 degrees Fahrenheit in a kiln, creating individual tiles.  Tiles are laid in a pattern and fused at a lower temperature to a black circle of glass, leaving a bumpy surface.  A clear glass circle is then fused to the blank, capturing air.  Ground by machine and hand to a circle, the bowl blank undergoes another fusing cycle to polish the edges. For the final firing, the blank is slumped into a porcelain bowl mold.  The bowl is signed on the back.  

Art glass bowls are food safe (cold only) and should not be put in the dishwasher.