Q:  How do I take care of my sculptural jewelry?


A: a few suggestions:

  • Always apply perfume before jewelry
  • do not immerse in water (especially iron!)
  • clean glass with glass cleaner or fine steel wool
  • clean cast iron parts with soft dry cloth only
  • refresh rubber cord with linseed oil or baby oil (apply thinly then rub off) 
  • clean black nylon with a dry toothbrush only (nylon is printed in white and then dyed black - if you scrub the color may wear off)


Q: Are the functional art glass bowls suitable for food use?


A:  Cellular and Bubble are suitable for cold food only.  Unrequited Love bowls are not food safe.  
Please do not put Art Glass is the dishwasher!

Q: What is your return and replacement policy?


A:  REPAIRS:  Please contact me if your piece needs repair - most repairs are at no charge to the customer

RETURNS:  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will be more than happy to refund the full price.  Please return your purchase in its original packaging with a copy of your receipt/packing slip.